Gallery 215 Benefit Event at Bing’s



Hopefully, by now  you’ve heard about  or seen one of our many posters, Facebook event listings, tweets, or other posts about this great event coming up tomorrow night.

I want to take a moment to extol the virtues of Bing’s Eatery, an amazing restaurant in Maitland, on the Fundy Shore, that is helping us to raise money for the gallery.

Here’s the scoop on how this event is working as news has reached us today that there’s confusion about how this event is being run, and how people can help the gallery by attending.

There is NO COVER CHARGE for this event. Admission to this event is free.

Bing’s Eatery is generously sharing the proceeds from all food and drinks purchased during the event with Gallery 215. There won’t be sit-down meals, but people can order drinks, mocktails, beverages and food from a special small-plate benefit event menu. And there will be places to sit.

Kelly and Danny will be on hand as usual, and extra help is being brought in to help serve, what we hope will be, a large crowd. Nobody’s being paid to work this event as it’s being done in generous community spirit. The people coming in as extra help will be receiving gift certificates for dinner at Bings Eatery, provided by Bing’s Eatery.

Bings Eatery’s own Danny Bingham Everson, a classically-trained pianist and singer will be providing entertainment after 6:30 p.m. This is also being donated for free as part of the evening to help raise money for the Gallery.

The Gallery will be selling artwork from our 11th season collection and there are many beautiful pieces to purchase; paintings, jewellery, pottery, and fused glass creations. Some of the pieces have been made specifically for this event by the participating artists. Bing’s will not be benefiting from the sales of the artwork. The usual Gallery 215 arrangements are in effect, as if the artwork was being sold at the Gallery itself.

Gallery 215 is greatly appreciative of all that Bing’s Eatery is providing and doing to help support the gallery and put on this event, which is truly a celebration of the arts. Kelly and Danny have put in a large contribution of time in helping plan, prepare for, and put on this benefit event for the gallery. When occasion permits we’ll have to give them a big round of applause.

We hope to see you at tomorrow’s event – Wed. May 25, 4:00 – 6:30 for early visiting and viewing of the art, 6:30 – 9:30 with live entertainment.

Best wishes,



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