Carolyn Vienneau

Born into a family that has fished the Northumberland Strait for three generatu=ions, Carolyn Vienneau grew up with the love for the sea and fishing boats that sail in it. She incorporates the characteristics of the sea into her paintings. Her energetic brush strokes, her play with colour and contrast, and her use of opposites- calm and turbulent, rough and smooth textures- are all engaged in her paintings to stimulate interest.

Carolyn and her art were chosen to best depict the fisheries and the old-world traditions of her home town in the TV series Sketches of our Town, produced by veteran broadcaster Harvey Kirk.
Carolyn is an innovative instructor. She has over 30 years experience teaching oil painting to adults in various studios, and 15-years experience teaching children’s classes throughout Pictou County. She now has her own studio and has added art therapy to her repertoire.

Opening Strokes of Colour Art Studio fulfills a life-long dream for Carolyn. With this new studio, Carolyn has embraced a new adventure, one stemming from a family tragedy when her husband, Gerald, suffered a second disabling stroke. The idea was conceived with his needs, in mind. The studio is set up to accommodate everyone, but with special consideration for people with disabilities.

Since the 1970’s she has started studying seriously by taking at least one workshop every year with well-known internationally known artists such as Mike Svob, Brian Atyeo, Stephen Quiller, and Pat Dews. Although their influence is reflected in Carolyn’s work, she developed her own style and considers herself a self-taught artist on a life-learning journey of art. Carolyn experiments and teaches others in oil, watercolour, acrylic, and fused glass.

Carolyn is a founding member of the Pictou County Artists Association and in the last year has worked with a group of artists forming Pictou Art Society and the working studio of Art2Sea.

Carolyn’s paintings are found in private collections throughout Canada, the United States, UK, and as far as Australia. In the province of Nova Scotia, her paintings are for sale at Gallery 215, Maitland, and Nova Scotia Art Rentals in Halifax. In Pictou they are available at the Art2Sea Gallery, and at her home and business Strokes of Colour Art Studio.
Changing circumstances dictate changing focus. These days Carolyn is spending more time painting in oil, acrylic and watercolour and fusing glass in her kiln.

With Carolyn, there is never a dull moment, never a creative lapse.

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