Michael Negus

Michael Negus is a self-taught artist who originates from Eastern Passage, NS and grew up with a large interest in art, beginning with sketching at age 5 which continued into his late teens. 

After working odd jobs while attending school and taking an Architectural Drafting Course, graduating in 1977, jobs in the field were scarce so took on full time work at Autoport Ltd.  He then met the love of his life and started a family which was his priority.

Although decades went by, art had never been forgotten.  Having a love for the great outdoors he introduced the beauty of the land to his family by camping, hiking, trips through parks and trails including look-offs and cliffs.  It is likely why landscapes are his favourite.

Even though landscapes are his main choice Michael most recently is exploring portraits in paint,  black and white pieces which portray his perception of the many shapes and shades that are pleasing to the eye, and is now exploring more intricate paintings such as wildlife.

His main use of mediums have been acrylics but has recently tried his hand at oils and is enjoying the benefits of oil.

Michael returned to art in 2015 and now has more time to do so since retiring in 2018 after 41 years at Autoport Ltd.  It is a continuous learning experience. 


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