Crystal Pyne-Robicheau


Medium: Acrylic, watercolour, pencil

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, maybe it’s because I take more time for ME, perhaps its more confidence, or maybe it’s just plain more wisdom. Maybe even menopause has played a part as well, lol, but it’s been
long overdue.
Since before I can remember I have always drawn,
colored or doodled. I could sit for hours and get lost in
whatever it was I was creating.
After graduating from Islands Consolidated, a small school located on Long Island, NS, I went on to college to obtain a certificate in Graphic Art & Design. I was intrigued by the new mediums I was being introduced to. So many wonderful things I had yet to explore.
I retired my paints over 20 years ago, but have found the need to once
again be creative. Inspired by growing up on the Islands, I recall many
memories that transport me to another time, a peaceful place.
When painting I am in my happy place. I still love to explore new mediums
and styles. I have learned you are never too old to try new things!
I hope you enjoy the results of my passion and desire to create. Please follow along with me through this journey and see where we end up!

Crystal currently exhibits at Gallery 215 in Selma, NS and at Gallery 217 in Freeport, NS.  She is also a member of the Bear River Artworks Gallery in Bear River, NS


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