Amy Negus

Medium: Acrylic

Artist Background
Ever since she was little, Amy Negus has loved art. She had many hobbies in the art realm- from making jewelry and paper mache to sewing and felting; she enjoyed using her hands to create things.

After high school she decided to go to NSCAD University to study textiles with a minor in fashion. She wanted to create clothing for women to make them feel beautiful and unique. She participated in Atlantic Fashion week 8 years in a row. (Between 2010-2018). While in university she had the opportunity to try other mediums such as painting, weaving, jewelry, wood and metal.

Negus had the opportunity to work for a company doing embroidery and sewing baby clothes. She still does the embroidery job now for 4.5 years. While she loves the work, she was itching to get back into painting. While she did do some during her years at NSCAD, it had been a while since she had the pleasure of painting. After hearing her father Michael Negus planned on putting his work into the gallery she decided to join him. Amy Negus enjoyed being a part of this show and hopes others get joy out of all of the fabulous works of art here in Nova Scotia.

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