Gail Davis


Artist Background
Born in Saskatchewan this artist has made Nova Scotia her home for many years.  She has travelled throughout Canada but finds that the coastlines, hills, and valleys of Nova Scotia give her the inspiration to paint the beauty of the region.

Over the many years that she has been painting, she has received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Saskatchewan, painted backdrops for musicals, studied with several artists in classes and workshops using various mediums and techniques in oils, acrylic, and watercolour.  

Nature and landscape are still big factors in influencing Gail’s painting. With a style, possibly called contemporary realism, she likes to do plein air painting especially along the coasts of Nova Scotia.   She tries to capture the light and the brightness of boats on water. Some of her paintings of villages and houses contain a bit of ‘whimsical’. She works from the many photographs that she takes when travelling around the province bird watching. Many of her pictures depict an awareness of location as well as a connection of the people to the land. 

While she enjoys working on her own, Gail values the support of her community of working artists, and is a member of the Evangeline Artists Co-op, and Winding River Gallery in Stewiacke. Her paintings are in private collections in Canada, the US, Australia and elsewhere.

Her work is occasionally seen at the Colchester Regional Hospital in Truro and at various pop up art shows.

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