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Artist Background:
Carol came into pottery to escape the stress of her academic career. Although she very much enjoys throwing, she finds that hand building and sculpture are much more satisfying. This art was learned over a number of years through the pupils of Danielle Sawada at Thrown Together Pottery and Art in Truro. Danielle steered her in the direction of several sculpting workshops, where she learned the skills required to create the work you see in the gallery today. A series of workshops with Jessica Sallay-Carrington helped her hone her style and guided the textural richness of her pieces

Carol is very much inspired by nature, and believes that walking through it is the most important part of her day. She enjoys interacting with the creatures in the fields and forest edges, capturing their playful character, which emerges from the clay as she sculpts.

Her work has two sides: everyday pottery for practical use, and imaginative sculpture. The pottery ware is decorated with earth tones, and is often impressed or carved with botanical images, which reflects her career teaching environmental horticulture. The handles take organic forms, resembling vines and branches. Sculpture is influenced by the wildlife glimpsed during walks or seen from the windows of the studio. She usually does not sit down to make specific forms, but rather the subjects emerge from the clay during the creative process.

Following a career teaching environmental horticulture, her work is closely tied to the plants she knows so intimately. Hand building has allowed an exploration of the fusion of plants and pottery. Her thrown pieces feature plant themed decoration and earth tones. Some are pieces to be used in the garden, but all are simple forms intended to be used and enjoyed. Carol’s work has been successfully shown in a number of exhibitions throughout the province.

Contact Information:
Facebook: Beneath the Boughs Woodland Nursery and Pottery

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