Corrine Danaher

IMG_3949 photo for UCC Observer articleArtwork
Medium: Acrylic

Artist’s Statement
I paint for pleasure, if I sell a painting that is exciting
I enjoy doing commissions for people as it is a challenge
I am always looking for something new to try, and will attempt anything
I mostly paint in Acrylic; as I find it the most flexible medium for me

Artist Background

Corrine arrived at Nova Scotia’s Pier 21 in 1946 to begin her life in East Noel. Two years later her family moved back to England, where she would spend the next 53 years, until finally coming back to Nova Scotia in 2001. In that time she dabbled in a few different jobs, after which she discovered her love of designing and fabricating clothing.

Her love for painting began in 2009, when a friend of hers invited Corrine to come to art classes held in Truro. Wanting to try something new, she joined, and has been fascinated in the art ever since. She predominantly makes use of acrylics, but has also done work with watercolours and oils. To her, everything is of interest and can be used as a subject.

Other than Gallery 215, Corrine’s art work can be found at the Truro Hospital, Burntcoat Head, and has been exhibited at the EHFAA annual showings. She also donates paintings to local organizations for fund raising, and has also done several commissions.