Kelly Mitchelmore

Acrylic, Oil

Artist Background:
Kelly is known for her bold luminous paintings that are thick in texture and bright in colour. Painting in both acrylic and oil, she uses brushes and knives, using multiple layers of rich saturated hues, and is known best for her love of red and her signature paintings of poppies. Native to Nova Scotia, Kelly does a fan of “support local”, believe that your community is only as good as you make it – as such she participates in many local events through her art. Residing in Windsor, Kelly enjoys creating to loud music in her home studio, which also hosts the Phoenix Hollow Gallery. Whether painting or teaching, or showing, Kelly enjoys a holistic art approach and encourages all art on all levels. You can find Her work in galleries across Canada and at

“I believe that art is a many faceted thing both tangible and unreachable at the same time. It can be a simple print that made you smile or an incredible masterpiece that made you cry – it touches all of us differently. That’s the magic.”

Kelly paints in both acrylic and oil and mostly creates contemporary floral and scenic pieces using some brush but mostly painting knives and trowels. Kelly prefers to paint on large stretched canvases or wooden panels using a heavy pallet of bright and intense colours. Not a fan of being confined or limited by structure, the shape and composition often form as she paints. This allows more freedom and a bond is formed between the artist and the work as they both go through the creation together. She is especially known for her love of red – which shows with her signature paintings of Poppies.

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