Lelia Sanford


Medium:            Acrylic, Oil

Artist Background
Lelia was born into a large family in Northfield, Hants County, Nova Scotia. As a child she loved to watch her grandmother painting beautiful landscapes in oils, often on wooden ovals cut from ash trees. This early introduction to art became the foundation for her love of oil painting.

Lelia is always interested in new techniques that take her art in different directions. She has attended many workshops including ones by renowned BC artist, Mike Svob, and Ontario artist, Brian Atyeo. Although most of her work is done in oils, she also enjoys acrylics and the glazing techniques used in that medium. Although she paints a variety of subjects from seascapes to wildlife, Lelia finds that country scenes of farm buildings and horses appeal to her the most.One of her most satisfying works was commissioned by locally owned Dalhousie Maple Products to use on their company labels.

“I measure my success by the degree to which I am able to connect with the viewers; to share with them a memory or experience through my paintings,” says Sanford.

Lelia is a member of the Pictou County Artists Association as well as the Pictou Art Society. Her work can be seen at Gallery 215 in Selma, and at Pictou County Crafts.