Lois Golfman



Artist Background:

Also known as the Selma Potter, Lois is originally from Montreal, Quebec. She trained at the Visual Arts Center in Westmount (Quebec), under Eva Lapka, and moved to East Hants in 2008.

Lois is inspired by the vista of the Bay of Fundy that is visible from her windows. She frequently walks along the shoreline believing that 2-3 hours after high tide is the best for viewing the expanded shore, with abundant tidal pools that form with the sea grass that changes colours with the rising and falling tide.

She works mainly with colours that are inspired by the Bay of Fundy and tries to stay with shapes that are organic. Her work is done both wheel thrown and hand- built, and much of the wheel throwing is hand altered.

Lois is also recently experimenting with different clays.

Contact Information:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/selma.potter

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