Melanie Morrissey

Abstract in Mixed Medium

Artist Background:
Melanie is a self- taught artist from New Brunswick. She is known for her colourful abstract and mixed media paintings. Having graduated from the University of New Brunswick and Concordia University in Montreal, she began a career in education as a mathematics teacher. Melanie has always blended mathematics with her love of art both in and out of her classroom.

Many of her works do not reflect recognizable forms but conform to structured geometric compositions. By applying non-representational abstraction, Morrissey evokes and invites an intimate intercation between audience and author by objectifying emotions and investigating the duality that develops through different interpretations of her art.

Melanie won the Truro, Nova Scotia’s Art Battle 2014, a live painting competition, and was a regional finalist in the National Art Battle series in Halifax. She has had several exhibitions, including Halifax Art Zone Gallery’s “Emerging Artists” of Nova Scotia show, where she was awarded Viewers Choice Award. In 2015, she was also selected as the Federation of Acadian Artists’ featured artist.

Contact Information:
Facebook: Melanie Morrissey

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