Norma McDonell



Medium: Oils, Acrylic, Alcohol Inks

Artist Background
Norma McDonell is a Nova Scotia artist living in Enfield. In her home she has an art studio where she loves to paint and share the space with others.

Norma has been painting for over-a-dozen years. Her painting experience began with a 10-week watercolour course. After taking courses with Ron Decker, Sandra MacDonald, and her dear friend and mentor, Doris Horne, she realized the vibrancy of oils and acrylics offered more appeal.

She has attended, enjoyed, and learned from many art workshops with well-known artists such as Susan Sweet, Christopher Gorey, Gunter Burr, Marilyn Whalen, Sandi Komst, to name just a few. One of her very favourite pastimes is learning from and about other artists worldwide. Appreciating and collecting art is fun for both herself and her husband, Duncan.

Norma has had some very exciting firsts with her art. She won prize ribbons for oil and acrylic paintings at the Halifax County Exhibition, including Best of Show. In 2013, Norma won Best in Show at the East Hants Fine Art Show, one of the largest judged shows in the province. She sold the very first painting at the Winding River Art Gallery in Stewiacke at Mastadon Ridge, opening day. Norma sold the first painting at the new Corridor Gallery, in Truro Hospital.

Winning ribbons and prizes is very exciting, but the best part of all is the commadarie. Getting together with others to paint, laugh, and destress is the very best part.

Norma has many other interests. She belongs to a music group, “Forty & Change.” They are very busy, performing regularly throughout the area. Norma loves to travel. She and her husband have recently traveled to Europe, New York, and Nashville.

Through the years, Norma completed a number of commissions, the most challenging being of Venice, Grand Canal. Her paintings are in collections from as far away as Africa, Victoria/Vancouver, the Middle East, Texas, Dawson City, and many more.

Norma currently exhibits at Gallery 215 in Selma, and the Sweetest Little Gallery in Wellington, as part of the Wellington Bakery.

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